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by Narada Vantari on December 15, 2018

To celebrate the launch of the worlds most extensive and beautiful sacred geometry shop I am writing this post about using sacred geometry to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness!

At a time like this, on a planet like this, no appeal to common sense or reason is likely to harness humanities will to change. One of the best known researchers into what might be called 'alternative history', Graham Hancock, says we are a species with amnesia. I say its more like full blown schizophrenia. If you look at the spectrum of what people on this planet believe about reality, their own lives, the origin and purpose of existence, and how to make the best of things ... it covers pretty much every possible duality. So collectively we could not be more confused about everything.

I believe this is one reason sacred geometry is important: because it provides a common ground, a non-dogmatic language with which to discuss the deepest aspects of spirit, science, and society. All religions honor the importance of the primary patterns and see them as significant. All science honors the importance of mathematics, (and though they may think geometry is a branch of mathematics, I would suggest it is at least equally the other way round). And all those who study the big picture of what is going on in the world realise that there are archetypal patterns that shape the events of history that are not under anyone's conscious control.

Whilst there are many possible solutions to humanity's multitude of possibly extinction level problems, unless we become more truly conscious beings, we will sooner or later destroy ourselves and take trillions of other beings down with us. There are of course many signs that humanity's minds and heart ARE evolving, changing, becoming more aware of our responsibilities and potential. But the big question is... can it possibly happen fast enough? Well... my question is... how can we make this already accelerating evolutionary process happen even faster? How can we accelerate the acceleration? Is it possible that the simplest patterns from which everything is made might connect us to the Source of evolution?

There is a long tradition that familiarity with the forms and principles of 'contemplative', or 'sacred' geometry, has a profound though subtle effect of awakening a deeper and clearer consciousness. What does that mean? I don't have a quick answer for that... but perhaps that is why you are here reading this... in order to find out for yourself what these patterns can teach you!  :-)



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