Higher Dimensional Geometires

These geometries are all based on the basic higher dimensional geometric forms.
These forms intrigue the eye and mind as we intuitively recognise that their logic is not three dimensional.

In the late 1800s geometers codified the simplest regular symmetrical forms in all higher dimensions. As explained in our book 'Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life - a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream', there are only 3 basic symmetry groups that work in all the higher dimensions. They are the equivalents of the 3 dimensional cube, tetrahedron, and octahedron. As a teenager Narada Dan Vantari stumbled across a new and more symmetrical projection of the 4D hypercube that we call the Toroidal Time Traveller. More recently he constructed the equivalent 5 dimensional cube. Both of these and a few other related forms are offered here.

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Multi-shell Metatrons Hypercube Atomic Grid Vector


Double Hypercube 50mm


Hyper Tetrahedron Vector Net 33mm


Hyper Tetrahedron Vector Net 44mm


Double Hypercube pendant


5 dimensional Toridal HyperCube 50mm


4D Vector Equilibrium Metatron's Compass 50mm


4D Vector Equilibrium Metatron's Compass 32mm


4D Archimedean Hyperform Toroidal Projection


4D Archimedean Hyperform Toroidal Projection