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Platonics Solids - Primary Forms-Other-White Natural Versatile Plastic-Sacred Geometry Web 3d printed geometric models

The Platonic Solids are so important to geometry that I thought to make them as affordable as possible. All 5 are the same approx height. The cube is approximately 68mm high.

The best way to understand these geometries is as symmetrical packing of spheres. If you have 4 identical spheres and squash them together, their centers will naturally arrange themselves in the shape of a tetrahedron, the simplest straight edged 3 dimensional form. Note that the distances and angles between all vertexes is identical.
Perhaps a little less obvious (and less stable), 6 spheres will form an Octahedron.
The more spheres you add the less stable it becomes, but if you add the proviso that all the angles and distances must remain identical then the Cube, the Icosahedron, and the Dodecahedron, are the only other possible ways for the spheres to cluster.

Therefore these 5 shapes are known as the Perfect solids, or the Regular Convex Polyhedrons. They and their modifications are the primary building blocks, the path of energy efficiency for stable 3 dimensional forms from molecules to large scale distribution of galaxies.

Two tetrahedrons interlocking into a 'star tetrahedron' form the vetexes of a cube externally and an octahedron internally. These 3 forms are the 'cuboctet' family of shapes. They have equivalents in all dimensions known as the Simplex (tetrahedral: minimum points to contain space), the Measure (cubic: volume of space), and the Cross (octahedral: equal extension).

The other two Platonics, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, are the 5 symmetry group forms. They are 'duals' of each other the same way the cube and octahedron are. These forms are far less stable. They embody the Golden Mean Ratio and tend to appear as the creation of living beings, whereas the cuboctet family appear in all matter and energy. Interesting then that Scientific American had a cover article announcing that the Universe appears to be dodecahedral!

About Our Products is created by web designer, author, and sacred geometry artist Narada Dan Vantari. The 3D designs and all the other artworks here represent many years of study and creative output.

We use 3 different POD (Print On Demand) companies, one for the 3D Geometries and Jewellery, one for the Clothing, and one for the Posters. The quality they provide is quite incredible and would not have been possible at almost any price a decade ago! Being POD means that these products are manufactured especially for your order.

Our 3D Printed Jewellery and Models

3D printing is a disruptive technology that is changing societies approach to manufacturing almost everything. Along with artificial intelligence and nano-engineering it will change human society as much if not more in the next decades as the computer and internet have done in the last decades!

Our 3D prints are created as 3D computer files and uploaded to the company in New York where state of the art machines (costing around half a million $) are used to print them layer by layer of tiny dots. (Just like a 2D printer going over and over building up a form out of a stack of sheets of paper). Depending on the material the print is then put through other processes, or even used to create a mold that is then filled with the molten metal. 

Our Sacred Geometry Clothing Designs
(also printed on other products)

Only in late 2018 did we discover a company that makes it possible to print full color designs on sheets of high quality fabric, laser cut the pieces, and sew them into comfortable and fashionable styles. Because the designs are printed before the item is sewn there are minimal white 'wrinkles' or flaws as seen in some other print on demand companies items.  

The prints we have ordered for ourselves have instantly become our favourite items of clothing. The colors are intense, colourfast, and remarkably true to what we see on our monitor, and even the first wash has absolutely minimal discoloration of the water! 


We offer a range of fabrics. To learn more about them go to our Fabrics page here.

Our Sacred Geometry Inspired Posters

We are only selling posters where the quality for reproducing our artwork is superb. The saturation of the colors on the matte paper is far richer and softer than what you would get on glossy photo paper.  

Soon we hope to add canvas and silk printing to our offerings :-)

Our Other Sacred Geometry Items

We could not resist sourcing some other educational and entertaining items such as magnet kits and geometry stands. These are sourced from a variety of suppliers, and we ask your patience as we discover which suppliers are reliable enough to work with. Mostly we offer these products as a service to our customers to inspire you to learn more, and appreciate more, the subtle but profound effect that the pure geometries have on our consciousness and in our lives. The ancient Greeks believed that geometry existed before the creation of the Universe and that they provide a connection back to the Eternal. They were certainly 'on to something' !  :-)