Everything – Sacred Geometrical
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Everything (371)

64 Tetrahedron Grid 65mm


Chain or Cord for your Pendant ?


3D Metatron's Sphere: based on Metatron's Cube - (magnets not included, order below)


64 Tetrahedron Grid 45mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid 35mm Pendant


Garden of Life - Autumn


Lapis Lazuli Platonic Solids 7 piece set


Flower in the Garden of Life - Womans Long Sleeve Tshirt SJ


Metatrons Cube Layered 50mm


Metatron's Cube Platonic Symmetries - Tshirt


The Flower of Life grid and the Phoenix Mans LS SJ T-shirt


Vector Equilibrium - Cuboctahedron pendant - 21mm & 30mm


Flowers of Life Pearlessense - Mens Short Sleeve Tshirt


Flower of Life Fractal Sea 2 Mans LS SJ - Tshirt


Super Accurate Sri Yantra Lotus 38mm and 48mm


Star Tetrahedron Fractal 25mm or 32mm