Import Duty, Tax and Brokerage Fees

Note for Australian orders: All the 3D printed items in your order incur a 10% GST which is collected by the company we use for the printing. 

The ARN# (similar to an ABN) of the company is 3000 1365 5123

Note for UK orders:  All the 3D printed items in U.K. orders incur a 20% VAT which is collected by the company we use for the printing

We apologise for this extra charge but there is nothing we can do about it.

The other countries we ship to do not charge tax or import duty through the manufacturer.


Here is a statement about tax and duties from our 3D manufacturer

We make every effort to minimise any import duty, tax and brokerage fees to which you may be subject. However, depending on the destination country of your order, duty, tax and brokerage fees may be assessed upon importation. Our shipping charges are only for the cost of carriage and do not include these additional charges. Contact the customs authority in your country for further information.

Goods shipped outside of the United States or European Union will be described as plastic, metal goods. Combined import duty and tax are typically 5-20% of the total order value. In some cases, an additional brokerage fee may be assessed by the carrier.

We have retrieved these tariffs for you as an indication:

  • Plastic 3D prints - HS code 3926400000; 6.5% tariff
  • Sandstone 3D prints - HS code 6913901090; 3.5% tariff
  • Stainless Steel 3D prints - HS code 83062100; 0% tariff, though there might be 15% additional tax for bullion decoration objects

If delivery of an order is refused, you will be responsible for the original shipping charges, as well as any import duty, tax, and brokerage fees that may be assessed.


We make every effort to minimise the possible burden of these additional charges by your government. Thus far orders under $1000 have never been stopped by Australian customs.  If we have any reports of difficulties in delivery to any countries we will report them here.