Need a Customised 3D Printed Item
or Clothing Design ?

There are so many options when designing for 'Print On Demand' companies like we do. 

For instance in our 3D prints, sometimes you may want an item in a material or a size that we do not offer ? This could be due to technical limitations, but more likely it is simply that we are overloaded with possibilities :-)

Likewise with our clothing, perhaps you want a particular design on a particular style of shirt, or hoodie, or tank top, etc ? Or perhaps you like the background but would prefer it with a main image that is on some other one of our items ?

Please be sure to includes link to any product pages you are referring to
as it can be hard to know exactly which one you wish to modify.
Screenshots or diagrams are great if it is a more complicated issue.
We will get back to you as soon as possible with a report as to whether we can make your wish come true :-)