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Famous Greek Philosophers Discuss Sacred Geometry

    Famous Greek Philosophers Discuss Sacred Geometry

    Illustration from the book 'Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life'.
    We can trace most of our sciences, arts and spiritual concepts, as well as political, legal, social and economic systems, back to the dozens of brilliant Philosophers in Ancient Greece. Among their most enduring contributions were Philosophy itself (literally ‘love of wisdom’), and Geometry (literally ‘measuring the Earth’, or the material world).

    Surprisingly, for such a seminal figure, virtually nothing is actually known about the man Pythagoras or his teachings. Most of what you may think you know is apocryphal. The mystical cult that he set up, and that remained active in some form for centuries, was extremely secretive. Perhaps, they were the first to mathematically prove the incredibly useful 'Pythagorean Theorem' about the sides of a right-angle triangle, but, they were not the first to discover it. It was known in Egypt and India much earlier. Probably, they discovered the first natural law based on mathematics: that musical harmony is caused by simple ratios between the length of strings, such as 1:2, 2:3, and 3:4. All we know for certain is that posterity came to attribute to them this discovery of the invisible Harmonic pattern hidden within our auditory experience, and that it opened the door to a new Ratio-nal understanding of Reality.

    Among the many brilliant thinkers in Ancient Greece, Plato and his student Aristotle are still acknowledged as exceptional for the ongoing influence of their ideas. Living two centuries after Pythagoras, they have come to represent a philosophical division regarding the relative importance of mind and matter.
    Plato was more of a mystic. He thought the ultimate Good could be attained, not by studying the ever changing phenomena of the five senses, but by studying the mental experience of eternal archetypal ‘Forms’ (Idealism). Aristotle was more practical. He recommended, instead of endlesly seeking perfection, achieving what is realistically possible, by studying the manifest physical world (Realism).
    Their argument has haunted Western society for 23 centuries and caused many to believe that spirituality and science are in opposition to each other. However, in the last century with the discovery of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, science has become far less ‘materialistic’, and at the same time spirituality has become less ‘idealistic’ and more open to experiential and experimental investigation.
    Geometry transcends this duality, but ‘sacred geometry’ certainly leans towards the Platonic. Plato said, "there is a faculty in the mind of each of us which these studies purify and rekindle after it has been ruined and blinded by other pursuits... It is more worth preserving than any eye, since it is the only organ by which we perceive the Truth”.


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