The 64 tetrahedron grid is a sub-section of what Buckminster Fuller called the Isotropic Vector Matrix, as are the cube, octahedron, tetrahedron, cuboctahedron, and star-tetrahedron. The 64 grid was brought to our attention by physicist Nassim Haramein who proposes that it is the optimal form to contain sufficient complexity to balance the expansive nature of the sphere with the contractive nature of the tetrahedron. It is also related to the 3 dimensionalization of the Flower of Life.

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64 Tetrahedron Grid 65mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid in full colour - 10cm


64 Tetrahedron Grid 45mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid 35mm Pendant


Vector Equilibrium - Cuboctahedron pendant - 21mm & 30mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid in coloured 'Sandstone' 19cm


Star Tetrahedron Fractal 25mm or 32mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid with Boundary Circles 36mm


Double Torus 40mm Electromagnetic Field


Sacred Geometry: 64 Grid Tetrahedron 35x1mm