All 3D Prints – Sacred Geometrical
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current crisis there will be indefinite delays on metal geometry printing. Also some delays on clothing manufacture, and possibly delays in postal service. Hopefully this situation will not last much longer. If we are unable to fulfil your order we will of course contact you and refund your payment.
This category is a mixture of our 3D Printed Jewellery and our Models and Altar Pieces

All 3D Prints (116)

64 Tetrahedron Grid - 65mm


Chain or Cord for your Pendant ?


Angel Starship - Dodecahedral 27mm


Metatrons Cube Layered 50mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid 45mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid 35mm Pendant


Super Accurate Sri Yantra Lotus 38mm and 48mm


Flower of Life Sacred Geometry pendant - 22mm or 30mm


Metatron's Compass 35mm - 4D Vector Equilibrium


Vector Equilibrium Circle of 5 cuboctahedrons - 40mm


Stellated Dodecahedron 35mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid in 'Sandstone' 10cm


3D Metatron's Sphere: based on Metatron's Cube - (magnets not included, order below)


6D Cube in its Toroidal form - 50x1mm - 61 vertices version - no ring


6D Cube in its Toroidal form - 50mm - 64 vertices - no ring


6D Cube in its Toroidal form - 50x1mm - 64 vertices version