The link between sacred geometry and angels is very interesting. There is a tradition that 'the language of the angels is geometries of light'. However, our concept of angels has been muddled by many centuries of disinformation and romanticisation. 

All the sacred geometry works that you see here were inspired by the story of the BirdTribes, which we invite you to explore at our other site

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Metatrons Cube Layered 50mm


Angel Starship Stellated Dodecahedron 30mm


Seed Of Life Sacred Geometry 35mm


Universal Yoga Mandala - Elemental Qualities


Angel Starship - Dodecahedral 27mm


Elemental Angels - Fire, Air, Water, Earth


Angelstar Stellated Dodecahedron 30mm


Angel in Icosahedron 35mm


Star Tetrahedron Angel 30 mm


Solar Angel Starship 38mm


Star Cage Cubes 100mm Sacred Geometry


Golden Starbird bringing through the higher dimensional geometries - Poster