These models are at least 40mm in diameter, and useful for as (among other things) teaching aids or altar pieces.

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3D Metatron's Sphere: based on Metatron's Cube - (magnets not included, order below)


64 Tetrahedron Grid 65mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid in full colour - 10cm


64 Tetrahedron Grid 45mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid in coloured 'Sandstone' 19cm


Vector Equilibrium Cluster 8xVE 7xOcta 50mm


Double Torus 40mm Electromagnetic Field


Vector Equilibrium Circle of 5 cuboctahedrons - 40mm


6D Cube in its Toroidally folded form - 100mm Teaching Model


Double Torus Atomic/Planetary/Galactic Field 50mm


Star Cage Circles 45mm


5 dimensional Toridal HyperCube 50mm


Cuboctahedral 3D Seed of Life


Multi-shell Metatrons Hypercube Atomic Grid Vector


Star Cage Cubes 100mm Sacred Geometry


Nested Icosa Dodeca Icosa 100mm - Yellow Core