The 5 Platonic forms are an important aspect of sacred geometry. The Greeks considered them to be the only perfect straight edged geometries, and they associated them with the 5 elements.

They can teach us about the basic symmetries of space. The tetrahedron is the simplest (and also called the 'simplex') but needs its interpenetrating dual to complete it, making a 'star tetrahedron'. The corners of the star tetrahedron form a cube, and the intersection of the two tetrahedra form an octahedron. 

5 cubes can be arranged to form the vertexes of a dodecahedron. And the dodecahedron's edges can be extended to form the vertexes of an icosahedron. This shows one way in which all 5 forms related.

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Stellated Dodecahedron - 2 sizes - 23mm & 31mm


Icosahedron with inner Stellated Dodecahedron 30mm


Stellated Dodecahedron 35mm


Nested Icosa Dodeca Icosa - 35mm


Icosahedron Dodecahedron Nest - 32mm


Stellated Vector Equilibrium Cuboctahedron Sacred


7 VE cluster, 8 Octahedron, Cellular Universe


RhombicDodeca Honeycomb 50mm


Vector Equilibrium Cuboctahedrons Grid 8xOcta 7xVE


Star Cage Circles 45mm


Stellated Icosahedron 40mm


Small Set Of Platonics+VectorEquilibrium - 30mm height


Platonics Solids - Primary Forms


Icosahedron Dodecahedron nest White 100mm


4D Vector Equilibrium Metatron's Compass 50mm


Toroidal Hypercube 35mm Time Traveller - chunky