These forms are based on the properties of spheres interacting. Each sphere represents an energetic centre and boundary or event horizon. The ways in which they naturally arrange themselves determine many of the physical and energetic properties of manifest phenomena.

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3D Metatron's Sphere: based on Metatron's Cube - (magnets not included, order below)


Double Torus 40mm Electromagnetic Field


Seed Of Life Sacred Geometry 35mm


Metatron's Hypercube Variation 60mm (Magnets NOT included)


Seed of Life Genesa Sphere 20mm and 30mm


3D Seed of Life 30mm


3D Seed of Life Pendant 20mm


Spherical Vector Equilibrium - Genesa sphere - 30mm


Vector Equilibrium Sphere 20mm- with 6 axis


Egg of Life - Fractal Ganesha Sphere 28mm


Star Cage: Sacred Geometry 12 Circles 40mm


Wheels within Wheels - 9 axes 90mm


Sphere Inside Sphere 100mm


Hyper Cuboctahedron study


Metatron's Hypercube Variations 50mm


Metatron's Hypercube Spheres 80mm