Other Geometrical Stuff – Sacred Geometrical
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OTHER GEOMETRIC STUFF: Some things just refuse to fit into our neat little categories...

Other Geometrical Stuff (40)

Lapis Lazuli Platonic Solids 7 piece set


Magnet Sticks Set - 36 sticks 27 balls


Strong Magnet Balls - 216 pieces - 3mm or 5mm


7pcs Clear Quartz Crystal Platonic Solids plus Startetrahedron and Sphere 18-25mm


Sacred Geometry Magnet Sets 30/120/210 Sticks - Various Colours


Universal Yoga Mandala - Elemental Qualities


Spectral Flower of Life Game Board - Pure Geometric Mandala


Famous Greek Philosophers Discuss Sacred Geometry


Alchemical Pilgrim - Backpack


Sacred Geometry- Pastel Backpack - Choose Color


Sacred Geometry- Backpack - Choose Your Brown


Sacred Geometry- Backpack - Choose Color Light


Galactic Butterfly - Choose Color


Flower of Life - Backpack Multicolor 2


Universal Yoga Mandala Solar Angel - Backpack


Ancient Wisdom Stream - Backpack