The torus is a very important geometric form as is shown in its ubiquitous appearance as electromagnetic fields at all scales from the subatomic to the supergalactic. It is the only stable standing wave in 3 dimensions which is why humans can blow toroidal smoke rings, and dolphins can blow toroidal bubbles.

Toruses are very much related to the dynamics of spin. A spinning sphere experiences expansive forces at its equator and contractive forces at its poles, and circulatory forces in its two hemispheres. This makes it appear energetically as a 'double torus'. 

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Double Torus 40mm Electromagnetic Field


Double Torus  Electromagnetic Field Pendant 23 & 33mm


Toroidal Hypercube 50mm Time Traveller


Toroidal Hypercube 35mm Time Traveller


Double Hypercube 50mm


Double Torus  Pendant - 2 sizes


Double Torus Atomic/Planetary/Galactic Field 50mm


4D Vector Equilibrium Metatron's Compass 32mm