Who created SacredGeometrical.com SacredGeometryWeb.com SacredGeometryGame.com and SacredGeometryForum.com

Narada Dan Vantari is an artist, poet, website maker, and the author of 'Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life - a Higher DImensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream'. He has also been a festival organiser, musician, and Australian Junior Chess Champion (shared with Darryl Johansen in 1977 under the name of Dan Fardell).

His other websites include www.BirdTribes.net www.aNewScienceOfEverything.com www.ByronNow.com and www.NaradaDesign.com

His album of original songs is called 'Jewels and Flames' and can be found here www.JewelsAndFlames.com 

He considers his most important work to be the popularisation of the esoteric tradition we now call 'sacred geometry' as it is a time honoured tool for accelerating the evolution of human consciousness, something that is desperately needed if humanity is to survive the acquisition of the technological ability to destroy ourselves. He sees sacred geometry as a possible positive influence on the younger generation struggling to cope with the issues of modern society.  Also its potential to help create benevolent  'artificial intelligence', and integrate the phenomenal potential of nano-technologies and genetic engineering.  

He was born in 1959 and currently lives in the Byron Bay region of NSW Australia. You can contact him through the form here