This category is a mixture of our 3D Printed Jewellery and our Models and Altar Pieces

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Seed of Life 27mm 33mm 45mm


Sri Yantra in traditional setting 40mm


Seed of Life filled 29mm


Hyperbolic Seed of Life 30mm & 40mm


Earth Grid - disdyakis triacontahedron - 26mm diam


Seed of Life Genesa Sphere 20mm and 30mm


64 Tetrahedron Grid with Boundary Circles


Double Torus  Electromagnetic Field Pendant 23 & 33mm


Flower of Life pendant - 22 & 30mm


Angel Starship Stellated Dodecahedron 30m


Sri Yantra Lotus 48mm


Super Accurate Sri Yantra Lotus 38mm and 48mm


Seed of Life within Seed of Life 40mm 34mm


Center of the Seed of Life - 6 petalled flower - 22mm 30mm 40mm


Icosahedron Dodecahedron Nest - 32mm


Stellated Icosahedron 27mm diameter